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360 E Maple Rd suite V
Troy, MI 48083

Michael Schoeff - AffordablePup Owner

Martin Dosha - Owner

We try to put the GREAT in Great Lakes Pups!

My loving mother brought me my first dog when i was just 6 years old and I was hooked. Thanks mom! My parents, before immigrating to this country, had a small farm back home so animals always ran in the family, literally!

My favorite breeds of dogs have always been Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, bulldogs, and pomeranian’s! Now that doesn’t mean we discriminate against other breeds, we just have an extra soft spot in our heart for those little ones!

Leaving high school, it was a dream for me to become a veterinarian. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented me from following my dream, so I decided the next best thing I could do was make sure that people I dealt with had a wonderful new friend to add to their family. The health and well-being of these puppies is the MAIN priority to our mission. We work directly with multiple, private, and independent breeders who are highly respected. I will directly work hand-in-hand with you before your puppy reaches your home. Our main goal is to offer a unique experience when trying to find that right companion, and insure that you are not worried on finding the best quality pup because we did all the work for you! I recommend you look at your local shelter if you’re interested in purchasing a puppy first. If you do not feel comfortable adopting from a shelter, then we would love to be apart of your puppy search.


Great Lakes Pup Facility