Havanese Pups come in all different colors and combination of colors.  They are intelligent, energetic and have an even temperment!  Havanese Puppies are wonderful with children because they are always happy.  They are also great with families because they are non-shedding and an extremely hypoallergenic breed.  Havanese are very obedient dogs and they love to please their owner.  They are very loyal and do well with obediance training and learning how to do fun tricks. 

According to the American Kennel Club, the Havanese is the only dog that is native to Cuba. He is designated as the national dog of Cuba. One of the Havanese's functions in Cuban families is to herd the family's chickens and geese. They were often offered as a treasured gift to friends. The Havanese had nearly become extinct until the mid 1970s when a Colorado woman became interested in the breed. She worked diligently to re-establish the Havanese breed. Today, there are nearly 4,000 registered Havanese in the U.S. alone.

The Havenese Puppy has a long, wavy, silk-like coat. The hair is thick, which acts as an insulator against the intense tropical heat of his native Cuba. Colors of the coat include white, gold, champagne, silver, chocolate, blue, black and cream. All colors are accepted as standard by the American Kennel Club. The Havanese stands 8 ½ to 11 ½ inches high and between 8-14 lbs.