MORKIE Puppies For Sale



MORKIE PUPPIES are fantastic pets.You get a hardier & sweeter natured puppy when you cross them. Because evolution has for millions of years selected for perfection of performance most changes or mutations are less effective than the original gene copy. The chance of having an abnormal copy, or mutation, of any one particular gene is low, but because we have so many genes we all carry some harmful genes. These genes are usually hidden because we have one good copy of the gene to carry us through and this gene produces a normal protein which can perform the tasks required. When we have two different copies of a gene we are said to be HETEROZYGOUS for that gene and if one gene copy is hidden by the other, the hidden copy is said to be RECESSIVE. TEACUP MORKIE Puppies are just so darn cute!!!

The hair also tends to be really soft like the Maltese, but with more of the TEACUP Yorkies colors. Morkies don't Shed. They usually change their colors like the Yorkies do as they get older, they just get prettier & prettier. Most of the time the ears stay up, like a Yorkie, but sometimes stay down like a Maltese. I do not dock the tails.The tails are part of their beauty. The Yorkie Was Created By blending several larger Terrier breeds together & then breeding the Maltese to make them the tiny size they are today.
If you want to know what a Morkie is,vHere it is in a nutshell.
The Yorkshire Terrier Breed
Originally developed to help control the rat population in mid-19th century industrial Britain, the Yorkshire Terrier hails from an area in Northern England after which the breed was named. Yorkshire Terriers of the time weighed around 15 pounds, and were featured participants in rat-killing contests - a rather unsavory pastime of the age. Today's Yorkie is a much smaller, daintier and more glamorous creature, seemingly put on Earth to be pampered!
Although the exact details are not known, it is thought that the Yorkie of Old was cross-bred with other terrier breeds as well as the Maltese (from which the Yorkshire Terrier inherited it's long, silky coat) to produce the modern, more compact version.
The Yorkie is the most popular toy dog breed in Britain, and is also very popular in North America and world-wide.  Yorkie puppies are born with an almost black coat, which lightens and changes to silvery blue with tan head and legs by the first year of life.
Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent (almost human at times!), playful, loyal and affectionate. Yorkies make wonderful pets for singles, couples, elderly and disabled people who are at home much of the time