As its name suggests the Yorkshire terrier (yorkie) came from a region in England called Yorkshire. These dogs first came to the United States in 1872 and became popular during the Victorian era. Nowadays the popularity of this dog breed is slowly coming back. It is believed that Smoky, a Yorkie that gained fame as a war dog during World War II, was the main reason why people became interested in the breed again.

A Yorkshire terrier (yorkie) puppy belongs to the terrier breed of dogs and is a rather small dog. It weighs no more than 3.2 kilograms, and can be likened to a furry Chihuahua. Do not let its size fool you; this dog breed is very brave, and is overprotective of its owners. It still makes a good family pet since it is loving, affectionate, and loyal. There are many possible “looks” for a Yorkshire terrier (yorkie), but there are two types of coats this dog can have. The first is a silky coat, which is usually for dogs involved in dog shows. Dogs with soft coats are more low-maintenance, since these don’t have to be brushed as often as the ones with silky coats.

These terriers don’t normally shed their fur, although it is possible for fur to fall off while brushing or grooming the dog’s fur. Owners should be careful in properly grooming their Yorkie puppy, especially if one plans to enter it in a dog show. Those with long coats would need daily brushing and a bath once a week, but owners can also have the fur kept short for easier grooming.

It is important to trim the fur on the paws as well. This helps prevent the dogs from slipping on their own hair. It also lets the owners check whether the dogs’ nails need to be trimmed or not. They shouldn’t let the dog’s nails grow too long otherwise the nails would curl inwards, which would make walking difficult and painful for the dog. Finally, the owner should keep the dog’s fur from covering its’ eyes. This would prevent the dog from bumping into things and possibly injuring itself. One can tie the fur back using a rubber band. Some owners even go to the extent of buying a hair bow for the dog.

This dog breed as an average life span of 13 to 16 years. Unfortunately it has inherited a few health problems such as low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), bladder stones, and slipping kneecaps, which are caused by weak tendons and ligaments. Smaller Yorkies are more prone to vomiting and are easily injured. In fact, Yorkies can even die by falling and by rough and improper handling by their owners.

Knowing how to take care of one’s Yorkie is important to keep these dogs healthy and happy. Proper grooming, training, and of course, love and affection are just some of the things owners should give their dog in order to make the most out of the time they spend with their dog.

Fun Fact About Yorkshie Terriers: They're Miners
No, they don't dig holes looking for Gold, but their golden coats helped coal miners see it inside dark mine tunnels. Yorkies were responsible for transporting wire through tubing, and they replaced both the white and black dogs that originally held this position. Prior to "Yorkie Mining," white dogs got too grimy and the black dogs couldn't be seen. The Yorkie's black hair however hid the soot inside the mines that they worked, and its gold hair made them visible.