Happy - Sociable - Energetic

An elegant cross between the well loved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the traditional Poodle, the Cavapoo is also referred to as the Cavadoodle. This designer breed originating in Australia in the mid 1990’s. This small, intelligent and low shedding puppy is ranked as one of America’s favorite pets.

Life Span

14 to 20 years


9 to 14 inches


9 to 25 lbs.


The Cavapoo loves a lot attention and affection and with a face like theirs you will be happy to abide! This puppy is very curious and loves to explore and does require quite a bit of mental stimulation. Although not known to be noisy or rambunctious, if left alone for long periods of time they can form a habit of barking from anxiety.

Training and Socialization

A fur ball of energy and eager to learn, these super intelligent pups will show great promise in training if met with positive reinforcement. They are very sociable and seek the comradery of people and other animals to fulfill their outgoing personality. They enjoy interaction and love being around other animals.

Appearance and Grooming

This attractive breed comes with a straight or curly coat and in a variety of colors. Regular maintenance of its coat including brushing and trimming are important to keep this pup looking and feeling its best.

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