Sweet - Loving - Intelligent

This puppy is very affectionately and known as “the silk dog.”  Brought to the United States in 1959, these dogs were saved from an inevitable extinction and have since thrived in the States. These intelligent, loyal, loving and very well-tempered dogs make for the perfect family pet.

Life Span

14 to 16 years


8.5 to 11.5 inches


7 to 13 lbs.


These puppies, although social, prefer to stay at home in the company of their owner. With their mellow, calm and sweet disposition they have a tendency to shy away from uncertain situations.  Though, they are home bodies by nature, they do still enjoy running and playing outside with family and other pets.


Training and Socialization

These puppies excel at training when a positive reinforcement system is in place. They are eager to make you happy and are quick to learn. Although more of a shy dog by nature they will warm up to strangers. Early socialization is important to keep them from developing social anxiety.

Appearance and Grooming

Small but mighty with dark eyes and a full muzzle. This puppy generally enjoys a shorter coat requiring routine grooming as well as daily brushing.

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