The Havashu is a cross between a Shih Tzu and Havanese. They are small but filled with energy and always are looking for your affection. They greatly enjoy to snuggle and crave attention and adoration.

A very energetic and intelligent dog who loves to play hard. The Yorkie Chon is a hybrid breed which was created by mixing a Bichon Frise and a Yorkshire Terrier. They are known for their high pitched bark, which may use to guard your family and home. They love to socialize with people and other pets.

Life Span

12 to 16 years


8 to 12 inches


7 to 15 pounds


A very playful and full of fun breed. Known to be sturdy little dogs who have plenty of energy. They are alert and very smart and protective of their owners.

Training and Socialization

Consistent and training based on positive reinforcement and rewarded for good behavior is key to training your Havashu.

Appearance and Grooming

Havashus come in brown, gray, cream, black and white coats and although not a heavy shedder, will require weekly brushings to keep its fur in top condition as well as occasional grooming.

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