Fun - Loving - Energetic

The Maltipom is a hybrid of two lovable, companion purebred dogs. They do have an alarming loud bark but are naturally gentle in nature as well as very intelligent.

Life Span

14 to 16 years


8 to 14 inches


5 to 12 pounds


Friendly, happy to be around people and other dogs and looking for attention.


Training and Socialization

Using your puppies name during positive reinforcement training while being consistent with times and rules will help this puppy achieve top-pup status. Let your puppy know when he or she does good by petting, laughing, and giving it healthy treats.

Appearance and Grooming

Maltipom's coats may vary depending on which parent it most resembles. Generally described as soft, long, and straight. The hair on the head may stand on end as well. The Maltipom's head is in proportion with its body, which is compact.

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