Fun - Loving - Loyal

A charming one size fits all breed, the Maltipoo is it.  A mix between the Poodle and the Maltese, this little pup takes on the best attributes of both parents. It is the perfect pet for any size family and will easily settle into any environment.  With their hypoallergenic coat and minimal shedding this breed is a great fit for any home.

Life Span

12 to 16 years


8 to 14 inches


5 to 20 lbs.


Taking on the traits of both the Poodle and the Maltese, the Maltipoo has a loving, mild and affectionate temperament. They are very loyal companions and want attention and praise from their owner. Though not aggressive by nature, they can react with a bark or a nip if provoked.


Training and Socialization

The Maltipoo is a very affectionate breed of dog. Known for their loyalty to their owners and their eagerness to please. Positive reinforcement and a reward based system is perfect for the Maltipoo as they thrive on positive attention. It is very important to socialize this breed early and introduce them to other dogs and people. Proper socialization can prevent small dog syndrome, which can cause problems in their adult years.

Appearance and Grooming

The Maltipoo's coat is hypoallergenic, low shedding and comes in a variety of colors. They have a fluffy and soft coat with medium to long hair which varies from wavy to curly. To maintain a clean and healthy coat routine brushing and trimming is suggested.

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