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Fun - Loving - Energetic

Classed as a toy dog breed because of its small size, the Pomeranian is descended from larger Spitz-type dogs. During the 19th century Pomeranians were bred smaller from their husky ancestors and developed as a breed. These smaller dogs were kept as companions. They have grown to become a very popular family pet in the US. The Pomeranian is the smallest a member of the Spitz family of breeds. Dogs in this group generally have thick, long fur. Ancestors of the Pom were generally white, black or off-white in color.

Life Span

10 to 12 years


10 to 15 inches


3 to 7 pounds



Training and Socialization

In your trainer role, your focus is to approach your Pomeranian in a steady, firm and but loving and encouraging manner. You have to gently guide your new Pom through a training plan that reaps rewards along the way. It’s impossible to teach your Pom any new command in only in 2-3 days so you must be patient.

Appearance and Grooming

Bathing Pomeranians should be done every three to four weeks and routine brushing to keep their coat healthy.

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