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The Standard Poodle is believed to be the oldest Poodle variety and one of the most well-liked dogs in the US.  The Poodle was first recognized by the AKC in 1887 and now has become one of the most popular breed in the world.

Life Span

12 to 15 years


9 to 11 inches


50 to 60 pounds


Most are very calm and loyal pups. When you are happy they are happy. They enjoy the company of their owner and family.


Training and Socialization

Eager to learn and follow the commands of his or her owner. Using positive reinforcement is key to trainings success. Begin training when the puppy is young for best results with plenty of attention.

Appearance and Grooming

Poodle coats are naturally very curly and generally coarse in texture. The dense and curly poodle hair will continue to grow until it is clipped. It gives the impression of not shedding, however, the hair that does shed tangles in the curls which is why routine care is suggested.

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