Fun - Loving - Energetic

The Shih-Pom is a cross between a Shih Tzu and Pomeranian. They make great companion dogs and love people. They are moderate active and tend to adapt to their owner’s lifestyle.

Life Span

12 to 16 years


6 to 17 inches


3 to 23 pounds


Generally described as loyal, independent, curious, sweet, affectionate, friendly, cuddly.

Shih Pom2

Training and Socialization

A very intelligent dog which is a quick learner of the rules. He or she will enjoy learning new tricks and will be eager to show them off. Always approach the training using positive reinforcement.

Appearance and Grooming

Regular brushing to keep the hair from matting and to remove dead hair will make sure your pooch is neat and good looking. In the shedding season, grooming should be a daily occurrence although the general upkeep is minimal. There are many coat colors to chose from including white, tan, brown or red sesame.

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