Yorkie Poo

Fun - Loving - Energetic

The Yorkipoo is a mix of the Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. They are also known as Yorkie Poodle Mix. They enjoy sitting on your lap and bonding with their owner. This breed has become one of the more popular breeds in the US due to their personality and appearance.

Life Span

12 to 15 years


7 to 15 inches


3 to 14 pounds


The Yorkipoo’s petite size and hypoallergenic fur make it a top choice for those that have allergies but want a puppy.  With low dander and a very loving personality, this breed is adored by many and has become a very popular selection for dog owners.


Yorkie Poo

Training and Socialization

Yorkipoos are highly intelligent dogs who are filled with confidence and tend to be easy to train. They do have a tendency to bark, however, this can be overcome with the proper training. They are recommended for families with older children as they tend to act dominant with toddlers.

Appearance and Grooming

They have silky coats that can be straight, wavy or curly. Some people prefer to let the hair grow long, while others prefer to keep it trimmed short. The colors of the coat range from gold, blue, white, black, red, sable, apricot, tan, chocolate and gray. Daily brushing wards of tangles and keeps their coat smooth.

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