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We know what a big step adopting your new puppy is. We are here to answer all of your questions and to ease any concerns that you may have. If you don't see the answer to your question below, please reach out to one of our knowledgeable customer care team members.

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1. Before I decide if I am buying a puppy, am I able to see them on a webcam?

Of course! We have live webcam feeds available on a first come first serve basis. Call one of our team members to set up a time that works for you and we will set you up to meet your fur-ever friend. Please keep in mind there is a $9.99 service fee for each 15 minute session.

2. Do your puppies come from USDA and licensed breeders?

We work currently with all USDA & State Licensed breeders. Every breeder that we represent we have a personal working relationship with. This means that not only do we hand pick each puppy that we sell and personally verify the breeding standards and conditions – we hand pick the breeders as well. We have developed a streamlined tracking system to ensure that all breeding stock is continually monitored for hereditary and congenital disorders. We deal with no third party brokers.

3. Is there a way to tell which puppies are still available?

All our available puppies are listed on our site & all the information is correct. If you see their picture (and the adopt button next to them)–they’re available. Because of high traffic levels & schedule of the person who maintains the site, sometimes a listing can remain on the site after you’ve made a deposit. Please notify our staff if you have any concerns.

4. What is the reason for the $50 vet fee?

This fee covers the vet checks, shots & shot records as well as State of Ohio Health Inspection Certificate (if pup is flying). If you are traveling across state lines and would like a health certificate please request it at the time of pick up. The certificate is generated with your personal information and is transmitted for signature after your order is placed. Again, please ensure the request is made at the time of pick up or prior if you have made the purchase ahead of time. Although an interstate health certificate is not required for the owner to transport the puppy across state lines it can be provided. This certificate provides the exact same details as provided on your receipt. All of our pups are checked by our in-house vets. Bethel Animal Hospital is our preferred Vet. Dr. Brown and Dr. Rybka make onsite visits to perform all health exams.

5. How am I certain that I receive the same puppy I picked?

Every puppy is given an internal number to identify them. This number will show on your receipt and coincide with your time stamped order. The photo on that order will match the puppy you purchased as well as the internal ID.

6. Why are some puppies more expensive than other puppies?

There are many different variables used to price our puppies. Male vs Female. Breeder price. Size of puppy. Look of puppy, etc. It’s a difficult formula we use when pricing a pup, but has nothing to do with HEALTH! Every one of our puppies has a certified health check from a veterinarian. Females typically are more desired, so they will usually be a higher in price.

7. How will my new puppy be delivered?

BASIC SHIPPING – Puppy receives first available day and flight we can find, once all priority dogs have been taken care of. You can not choose the day your puppy flies. If you want some flexibility on arrival date, please choose Priority! PRIORITY SHIPPING – Puppy receives first flight available and takes priority over basic shipping. Customer is able to change the day of flight to one of our other flight days to accommodate their schedule. This does not mean we will hold the dog for an extra length of time, this simply means we will accommodate your schedule as well as possible and you will have more options. VIP SHIPPING – Your puppy will have a personal concierge through the entire process. The customer will have direct contact with their puppy concierge. The puppy can fly on any day and we will attempt to accommodate customers timing requests as best as possible. We will attempt to fly the puppy on a direct flight if available. With VIP service, your puppy is transported to the airport by itself, with no other dogs receiving the attention of the concierge. How are the puppies transported? The puppy is kept in climate controlled environment (72 degrees), in a pressurized area of the plane when flying. Transport to and from the aircraft occurs with airport transport vans (78 degrees). The following is the link to Delta Airline Cargo Facilities: https://www.deltacargo.com/FacilitiesSearch.aspx