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Really  Cute Puppies


The Aussiechon has become popular as a family pet and companion because it is friendly and affectionate towards people, making it an ideal puppy for everyone from children to seniors.


Cavapoos are very loving towards people and especially children. They love to cuddle up next to you and will happily lie on your lap for hours if you let them.


Havanese puppies are an adorable toy-sized breed that originates from Cuba. They were originally bred as hunting dogs but, for us, they're best known for being super affectionate and playful.


The Maltipoo's affectionate nature makes them great companions for people of all ages. They love spending time with their owners, but they also enjoy playing on their own.

Mini Goldendoodle

This hybrid dog is known for their intelligence, friendliness, loyalty, and playfulness. The Mini Goldendoodle is an excellent family pet and makes a loyal companion for older children.